Supertech Hi-Comp Flate Race Valves - B / K-series


Supertech Performance uses their experience of more than 20 years in the manufacturing of racing valves, do intensive testing and work very closely with many engine builders in order to continuously improve and provide the market with the best possible product for every application. High flow rates, durability and quality are of great concern to Supertech Performance.

Flat valves are mainly for "all motor" applications and will give a slight boost in compression (approximately 0.1-0.2 points).

Supertech Valves are made in one piece forged stainless steel using mainly SAE EV8 (UNS S63008) for the Intake and Exhaust valve material. 

200-series valves are made of stainless steel but this valve is marketed as an "entry level" valve. Supertech Performance uses SAE EV8 (UNS S63008) for the Intake and Exhaust valve material.

100-series racing valves are made by forging materials at high processes levels involving grain flow and CNC machined to ensure precision on final dimensions. Treatments for stress relieving and nitride or coating hardening treatments followed by the patented Super-finishing of the surface makes of Supertech Valves free of imperfections and precise dimensions.

Supertech Performance apply's different heat treatments to this material to obtain different hardness and ductility in accordance to application and budget (Street Performance or Heavy Duty Racing).

Valves are Black Nitrided coated, a hardening treatment that even though it is not widely used as the chrome coating, it has several benefits and is becoming very popular, mainly for European and Japanese applications.

Sold as a 16pc set (8 intake / 8 exhaust valves), standard 'OE' size.

See pull down menu for B & K engine applications.