Hardrace Super Tie Rods


Hardrace's new Super Tie Rods for 92-00 Civic / 92-97 Delsol / 94-01 Integra chassis have pillowball ends. They are built for full durability and increased steering response while minimizing bump-steer when used in conjunction with roll center adjusters (aka extended lower ball joints). 

The tie rod ends contain pillowballs or spherical bearings, that eliminate the factory bushing allowing increased durability and greater feedback. Not many companies offer race tie rods like these in this market!

Fine suspension tuning and adjustment are required for the super tie rods to function properly. 

 Super Tie Rod ends mount to the underside of the knuckle assembly as opposed to right side up (OEM style). This helps correct tie rod geometry on lowered EG/EK/DC2 vehicles by keeping them horizontally straight and parallel to the front lower control arms rather than angled upwards when the weight of the vehicle is on the ground.

Alignment required after installation.

Note: In-house fitment tests show compatibility with all USDM 92-00 civic and 94-01 integra vehicles.
May also fit, but have not tested: 88-91 EF civic/crx and 90-93 DA integra

*Might not be compatible with JDM RHD EG/EK/DC2 vehicles equipped with power steering racks (inner tie rod rod-diameter is too small for HR STR use in some cases. HR inner tie rod upgrade required).

NOTE: these tie rods are for race track use only!! They are not designed for everyday driving use nor to be used on public highways, and not suitable for a vehicle with a lot of suspension travel.

Part Number: 6565-S