Circuit Hero High Pressure Valved-Radiator Cap


Circuit Hero high pressure radiator cap uses a 1.3 kgf/cm² spring to increase your coolant/antifreeze boiling point and protect your engine.

An added bonus we've incorporated is the built-in button valve. To ensure there is no hot heat pressure built up, always press the button to make sure there is no hot vapors in your radiator before opening the cap.  Pressing the button also allows hot vapors to escape for quicker cooling. 



  • High pressure spring to raising engine boiling point.
  • Safety button to reduce chance of being burned.
  • Release hot vapors to cool down engine faster.


Type A - Fits most Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru; some Honda (EF/DA/BB/FK) and some Toyota (FRS/BRZ).

Type B - Fits most Honda (EG/EK/DC/CL/AP) and most Toyota.

* Some aftermarket radiators do not use a factory cap. For example, Koyo uses Type A on most their radiators regardless of application. Please check yours before ordering

Part Numbers: CH-RCA-S, CH-RCA-B, CH-RCB-S, CH-RCB-B