Momo QR6 Steering Wheel Quick Release


There's a couple reasons why the Momo QR6 is the best quick release out there for your steering wheel. First of all, the kidney shaped socket design allows it to only index one-way. This means you can't accidentally put your steering wheel on at a different spot than what you took it off at. You can't remove it from the 12 o'clock position and put it back on at a 1 o'clock position like many of the other "ball bearing" style quick releases.

Secondly, the tapering of the kidney shaped socket allows you for you to put the wheel back on from any angle. Other quick releases out there will require you to put the wheel back on directly 100% perpendicular to the steering column. The tapered socket design allows for a much more natural effort putting the steering wheel back on.

The Momo quick release is equipped with spring loaded roll pins that allow for easy single hand removal, zero slop, and simple push to lock design. All components are precision machined from light weight aircraft grade aluminum and then anodized for protection.

 Part Number: QR6MOMO